Pre-Wedding Survey Document

This document is usually sent to my bridal couples 4 weeks before their wedding. It helps me to understand how they would like to be photographed, what family photos are important to them and the details of the timeline. I also use this document to help me get the details I need for my blog posts about their wedding and a list of important vendors for the day of the wedding should anything go wrong I have the list printed out and on me so we have the vendors phone numbers. At the end of the document I put in a little note about my feelings on Family paparazzi and Pinterest shot lists.

If you would like a downloadable copy of this worksheet please email me at and I will send you a template version that you can add your own studio information into.


 Thank you for choosing Alicia Robichaud Photography to share in your upcoming wedding.

 I really look forward to photographing your day in a natural and fun way.

Posing for pictures on your wedding day may be an important part of your family’s traditions or may be an activity that you would rather avoid. The enclosed paperwork is designed to help communicate to me exactly what you want in regards to your wedding day photography. Please be sure to discuss this paperwork with your parents also as they may have unique photography expectations that should be addressed beforehand. Please take a few minutes to fill out the attached survey and return to me at least two weeks prior to your wedding day.

As always, I am available should you have any questions, concerns or special requests along the way.

You can contact me via phone 506-642-3686 or email

It is YOUR wedding day and your pictures should reflect how you feel and what you want. If you want props in your photos please make sure that you bring them along and let me know so I can be sure to include them for you.


Please let me know if you would like to meet to discuss any photography specifics.


Thank you

Alicia Robichaud

Pre-Wedding Photography Survey and worksheets

Please fill out the survey below and add any notes that you feel are important for me to know so that I can insure the photos on your wedding day are exactly what you want.

Names/Wedding Date:

What are your Wedding Colours:

Do you have a theme for your wedding?:

Is there something that you love to do together that you would like included into your wedding photos?


Tell me about your love story. How did you meet? What is your proposal story?



Timeline (Where do we need to be and when).

If you need help figuring out your time line please let me know. I would be happy to work through this with you to make sure that we allow enough time for everything that needs to be done and to make sure that we have a little wiggle room just in case something does not go according to plan. I will help you to keep to this timeline to the best of my ability. It may also be helpful to share this with your Hair and Make-up vendors so they know what time you need to be finished

Hair and Make-up appointment location(s)                                                                      Time:

Dressing Location:                                                                                                           Time:

Bridal Portraits before Ceremony: (approx. 30 mins before we need to leave for ceremony)

Where                                                                                                                               Time:

Ceremony: Where:                                                                                                           Time:

Group Photos:  (Allow 15-30 mins for family and 15-30 mins for bridal party photos)

Where                                                                                                                              Time:

Bride and Groom Portraits: (Allow 30-45 mins)

Where                                                                                                                              Time:

Reception – Grand Entrance: Where                                                                               Time:

Dance Begins                                                                                                                  Time:

Our Ceremony will be a ☐ Religious Ceremony   ☐ Non – religious Ceremony

In case of rain: ☐We are willing to have some photos done in the rain providing we stay dry,

☐We don’t care if we get a little wet,  ☐We would like you to suggest a rain location, ☐We have a Rain Location

In General we are:  ☐ Traditional  ☐ Somewhat traditional    ☐Untraditional    ☐ Not traditional

 ☐ Far Out


When it comes to photos we: ☐ Enjoy having our photos done  ☐One is for, One is against

 ☐ We would rather not be in front of the camera  ☐ Seldom look good in photos

☐We would like some Black and White photos included in our package

Important items on the wedding day that you want photographed (charms on bouquet for grandmother, reserved seating for missing loved one, etc):

Before the Ceremony/Getting Ready

☐ We do NOT want to see each other before the ceremony

☐ We want to do a First Look session prior to ceremony and photos

☐ We will be getting ready together


Getting Ready (Hair, Make-up and Getting Dressed)

__I would like all photos to be done journalistically with NO posing at all during the getting ready portion of the day

__ I would like some staged/posed photos during the getting ready

__ I would like Alicia to assist with lacing my dress,

__ I would like Alicia to be a passive observer/photographer only during the getting ready


  • Please ensure that we have 20-30 minutes from the time that you are finished dressing and we have to leave for the ceremony/first look so that I have some time to take a few Bridal portraits of you and your girls before leaving your dressing area.
  • Dad should be fully dressed before he sees the bride for the 1st time
  • Mom should be ready before bride is ready to get into her dress

After the ceremony we want to spend (Including family, bridal party and Wedding portraits):

 ☐No time posing for pictures,  ☐ 30-60 minutes posing for photos,  ☐1 hr – 2 hrs posing for photos,

☐2hrs – 3hrs posing for photos with several locations, ☐ As much time as it takes to get the photos we want

☐ We really don’t want to be late for our reception,   ☐The reception won’t start until we get there,

☐ We have lots of time planned between the ceremony and reception for photos,

☐ Our schedule is flexible,  ☐ Would rather be on time even if it means skipping some of the photos we want

Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________

We want to take posed photos:

 ☐ Before the ceremony;  ☐After the Ceremony;  ☐ During the reception with the people we missed after the Ceremony;  ☐ During the reception with anyone that wants a photo with the us;  ☐ Sometime during the reception with just the two of us alone Time we can sneak away (Sunset for example),   ☐ Never



To assist in the keeping your family formal photos organized and completed in an efficient manor  please check off the poses listed below that you would like and  fill in the appropriate family members names. 

Don’t worry if there is a grouping that you want not listed below. If there are other poses that you would like please just fill them in where it says other in each section. Please keep in mind that we are limited on time for family formal photos if we want to make sure that we have an appropriate amount of time to photograph you with your attendants and the two of you alone as well.

Please note that due to time limitations, the subjective nature of the event and the uncertainty of the guests attendance Alicia Robichaud Photography cannot be held responsible for any missed photographs from the list below.

Family Formal photo location:

☐Bride with Parents

☐Bride with Parents & Siblings

☐Bride with Siblings

☐ Bride with Grandparents

 ☐Bride with Mother and Grandmother (3 Generations)

☐Bride’s Parents

☐ Bride’s Grandparents

Other: Bride

☐ Bride and Groom with Bride’s family (Parents, Siblings and Grandparents)

☐ Bride and Groom with Bride’s family (Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, In-Laws, Children)

☐Bride and Groom with Both families (Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, In-Laws, Children)

☐Bride and Groom with Both Families (Parents, Siblings, Grandparents)

☐ Bride and Groom with Both Families (Parents)

☐Bride and Groom with Groom’s family (Parents, Siblings and Grandparents)

☐ Bride and Groom with Groom’s family (Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, In-Laws, Children)


☐ Groom with Parents

☐ Groom with Parents & Siblings

☐Groom with Siblings

☐ Groom with Grandparents

☐ Groom’s Parents

☐Groom’s Grandparents



Special Family Members who we would like a photo of:





Bridal Party Photos

Please let me know if you have any specific requests when it comes to your bridal party photos.

Typical shots that I take with the bridal party are as follows, please let me know if there is anything else that you would like.  Please check all that you would like

Location for bridal party photos:

☐Bride with each bridesmaid

☐Bride will all bridesmaids

☐Groom with each groom’s man

☐Groom with all groom’s men

☐Groom with Bridesmaids

☐Bride with Groom’s men

☐Bride and Groom with whole wedding party

☐Bride and Groom with flower girl & ring bearer

☐We would like some casual/seated poses

☐We would prefer standing lined up style of poses

Other poses requested: ­­­­­­­

Wedding (Bride & Groom) Portraits

This is the part of the day that I encourage you to relax. These are photos of just the two of you. I recommend that we do them at different location or a couple of locations (time permiting) from your family/ bridal party photos. I would ask that for these photos that we are alone with only the two of you, me, my assistant (if applicable) and whoever your driver is. This allows you to relax and enjoy the romance of the day without everyone watching you.  For the most part these photos will be taking with you NOT looking at the camera but enjoying each other’s company, kissing, looking at each other etc. I will of course get a few where you are also looking at the camera (I know your family will want one for the wall). If you have any specific requests for these photos please let me know.

Please allow 30-45 minutes for your wedding portraits of just the two of you

Location(s) for Wedding Portraits:

☐ We would like some photos of the two of us in the ceremony location/church after everyone has left

☐We trust you to just pose us in beautiful and romantic ways

☐Holding Mr & Mrs Sign or Thank You Sign

☐ Groom Swinging bride around

☐Flowers in the foreground, the two of you in the background kissing (out of focus)

☐Photos with props

 ☐We have a few requests:


Vendor Details

Should the need arise to contact your vendors on the day of the wedding I will have this list handy for you and can help you to take care of issues that may arise. This list can also help me with crediting the proper people when I am posting up my blog post about your wedding day.


Hair and makeup (name and contact info):  

Flowers (florist name and contact info):  

Ceremony location (name and contact info):  

Reception location (name and contact info):  

Cake (bakery name and contact info):  

Caterer (name and contact info):  

Bridal gown (designer/boutique name and contact info):  

Bridal party attire (designer/boutique name and contact info):   

Groom’s tux (designer/store name and contact info):  

Wedding planners (name and contact info):  

Music (DJ name and contact info):  



A note to bridal party and their families:

On rare instances there may be “aggressive paparazzi guest photographers” at your wedding who: stand up and move around during the ceremony; flash during a dark ceremony at the same time I am taking non-flash pictures thus ruining the professional photos; step into the aisle blocking my shot; move in behind the bridal party during the ceremony; and hold up large tablet devices during the ceremony blocking the view of other guests ;  distract a group session or slow things down asking folks to wait, look over here etc.  This type of guest photography can be very detrimental to your professional photos causing me to miss shots during the ceremony, slowing our post ceremony photos down to the point where you won’t have enough time to get the photos that you have requested of me.

Although bridal party and their families can help by educating their snap happy family members prior to the wedding day sometimes it may be necessary for me or my assistant to approach a guest who is consistently getting in the way and asking them to please sit down or to return to the reception. We will be as kind as possible but in the end we will be firm out of respect for the fact that you have hired me to do the best photos of your wedding and that is what you deserve.

This policy will be strictly enforced during the ceremony and formal parts of the day but will not apply to the reception or dance festivities.

Please let me know in advance if you have any questions or concerns about this policy.

A note about Pinterest

The internet is a great place to gather ideas, most ideas should be adapted and filtered to fit your own personality, style and timeline. I would be happy for you to send me a few (no more than 5) ideas for photos that you would like on your wedding day. Keep in mind that it is almost always impossible to directly copy the photo (and wouldn’t you rather have one that is personalized to you anyway). I will take the photos that you send me to get a feel for what you are looking for and then try to adapt that into a pose that is perfect for you and your locations. Some photos (like the super hero shirt pose for example) are cute and can certainly be done if that suits your wedding. But likewise if there is something that you are particularly passionate about (other than each other of course) please let me know and I will try to come up with a unique, fun and beautiful way to capture that in your pictures.

Time you look back at your photos from your wedding day will you say “remember Time the photographer made us do that?” or will you remember what you were thinking, feeling and doing on that day?

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