It’s A Kind Of Magic

Early this spring, before my crazy wedding season began, I decided to begin a wonderful fantasy themed series involving Faeries, Unicorns, Mermaids and Dragons. This is the first shoot of that series and involves a wonderful young model named Peyton.  I designed and made her costume and did her hair and make-up myself. We shot this series of images in Saint John on a beautiful wooded trail in Mispec Park. Peyton was a delightful fairy and played the part perfectly. As Peyton frolicked through the moss covered forest among giant paper mache mushrooms that my son and I made in my living room, you could feel the magic in the air. 
Magical ForestFaerie in the Forest©Alicia Robichaud PhotographyWoodland Fairy©Alicia Robichaud Photography©Alicia Robichaud Photography©Alicia Robichaud Photography

                   Peyton was born to play this part with her adorable pointy ears.

Peyton was born to play this part with her adorable pointy ears.

©Alicia Robichaud Photography

My Favourite behind the scenes photo. My son Odin walking hand in hand with Peyton the Faerie.

Thank you Peyton for being such a perfect faerie.

3 thoughts on “It’s A Kind Of Magic

  1. Love these. Her Grampy and I always call her our “munchkin”. This captures her perfectly but I could be just a tad prejudice since she’s my youngest grand daughter :). Great job.

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