Valentine Doll

I wanted to do a theme session to celebrate Valentines Day that was more family friendly then the boudoir work that I have been doing a lot of lately. That is for another post that is coming soon. I also wanted to get back into doing some creative make-up. With that in mind I came up with the idea to do a photo shoot of a living doll dressed in red and white.  With a few hours of prep I was able to pull together a costume.  With my trusty sewing needle in hand and a couple of quiet hours in my living room I made some ballet slippers to match a red corset that I already had. I paired it with the full white skirt from my Black Swan/ White Swan photo shoot I did years ago layered over 2 petticoats to give it a tutu look. I was looking forward to turning a model into a living doll. It took a little bit of research on Pinterst to find out how to do the doll eyes but I found a few tutorials and figured I could do it justice.

All of the make-up on my model Sam is from Dione Cosmetics (except the lashes).  Balanced Satin Foundation – FK101, Blush – Cheeky Luscious, Eyes –  sorcerer’s Seduction, 925, Abyss  black eyeshadow mixed with water was used as a liquid liner and White Chocolate mixes with water was used as the white under the eyes. Lips are Silk Orchid lipstick and Cranberry eyeshadow mixed with water as a lip liner.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from our shoot.

Living DollLiving DollBroken DollBroken DollLiving DollLiving Doll - Happy Valentines Day


Thank you Sam for spending some time with me in the studio.

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