Fashion night with a friend

My friend Cait and I got together again last night. We had no concept, no plan just an impromptu get together. Cait brought a couple of cool outfits and I had a few skirts in my costume trunk. Sometimes it is the best shoots that start out this way. We went through all of the stuff we had together and decided to go for a dark/fall fashion style theme with simple blended dark lips using black liner and red lipstick, a little copper star dust around the eyes and the make-up was good to go.  For Cait’s hair I pinned one side up into a braided rose and the other side into a teased side pony with a few curls to give it some extra shape. I put up my studio lighting and grey backdrop and away we went. After about 20 minutes of shooting I think we came up with some pretty cool portraits.

Before  & After  Hair and Make-up.

Before & After
Hair and Make-up.

ARFoto285ARFoto286ARFoto287ARFoto288 ARFoto289 ARFoto290 ARFoto291


Thanks again Cait for a fun night.

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