Blog post 100! – Celebrating with a Cosplay shoot

Well I have made it this far, this post marks my 100th blog post. While I was wracking my brain trying to figure what I wanted to talk about for this special post, I have also been tossing around the idea of setting up a separate page on my site here to display my more creative, sometimes darker work. I thought long and hard about this concept. I wanted to shield my wedding and family clients from the twisted view that my creative mind sometimes comes up with. But the more I thought about it, the more I didn’t like that idea.  After all, if someone doesn’t like my creative work I’m okay with that. It doesn’t appeal to everyone. I believe that those who can either embrace or separate what I do in my personal projects from what I produce in my wedding and portrait work can be the clients with the best fit for collaboration. My creative work is just that, what I do to get my creativity out.  My wedding and portrait work is constantly evolving as well due to the technical aspects that I continually improve by taking my time to go play, practice my craft, and learn new things using my creative images as learning opportunities as well as creative outlets. I love to work with all sorts of people, but it is those clients that can trust me to create something special for them, while understanding that I am not just a one trick pony, that I love the most.

So here for my 100th blog post I want to show some work that is a bit more creative and something that I have been wanting to shoot for a while now. Cosplay and costume design is something that I personally enjoy and  my husband and I enjoy attending Conventions dressed as our own favourite super heroes, comic book or movie characters. In fact we even renewed our wedding vows for our 10th anniversary at Hal-Con in full costume in 2012.  I have shot other cosplayers while attending Hal-con over the years and have loved the results.


ARFoto276ARFoto271 ARFoto270ARFoto273 ARFoto277ARFoto274ARFoto278ARFoto272



Until Monday I have yet to do an entire shoot with just one cosplayer, let alone someone local. So thank you Alaurea for trusting me to capture your character and to show the hard work that you have put into your costume. I really hope that this is something I can do more of soon.

Without any further ado here are some of the photos that Alaurea and I took around uptown Saint John on monday night.

ARFoto279ARFoto280ARFoto281ARFoto282Cosplay, Steampunk, Saint John, NB


If you are in the Saint John area and would like your cosplay work photographed please contact me for a custom cosplay photography package option.


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