Featuring KomaKat from Saint John Roller Derby

This weekend the 1st Double Header of the Roller Derby Season begins between the Saint John Fog City Rollers and Moncton Muddy River Rollers.
So in honour of double header week I thought I would post another Derby Girl Feature. Introducing Kat Vaughan aka KomaKat.


Alicia: Tell me a little but about yourself.
KomaKat: I’m a mother of two-( Stanley is 7, Lillian is 5) married 8 years and a full time LPN at St. Joseph’s Hospital. I Work in geriatric medicine, specifically the CAM unit. I am “high energy” person and I think, to a certain extent, I thrive on chaos.

Alicia: What do you do with your time off the track?
KomaKat: I spend the majority of my week at work- my full time rotation keeps me there long days but my off time I enjoy being home with the kids, in between hockey, ball and derby, I am knee deep and loving our crazy schedules.


Alicia:Before Derby did you have any skating experience?
KomaKat:Back in the day we would frequent the old roller tech in KV. Friday night skate rentals, chips and a pop. Nothing more than struggling to stay on my feet but fun, none the less.
I may have just totally aged myself!!

Alicia:What drew you to roller derby?
KomaKat:I had heard through the grapevine about FCR and went to a game. I was an instant fan! It was a blast! Even from a spectator perspective, the atmosphere and action of the game drew me in. I knew from that point on that I wanted to be part of this.


Alicia:What is your favourite thing about Derby?
KomaKat: There is such a diverse group of people involved and It’s a competitive sport!! I grew up in competitive sport and really missed training. I like being pushed and during a drill or “27 in 5”, there’s usually a point or a moment that I feel I’ve hit some kind of success. It’s a great feeling..
We celebrate each other’s successes and support each other too. I’ve built some really wonderful relationships through derby. As scared as I was to really start fresh meat in 2010, it’s been worth it. It’s a community of sorts but not exclusive. An it’s rough, I can’t lie… I love contact sports and this definitely fits that bill!

Alicia:What teams have you played for?
KomaKat: I have played for Scarlett swarm 2011-2013 and this year I’m part of the new FCR port side pirates. It’s going to be an exciting year for us as were a mix of the razor girls team and Scarlett swarm. We’ve got a really talented group of recruits this year too.


Alicia:What is your favorite position play on the track?
KomaKat:I love jamming and blocking. I’m working more on blocking this season. I hope to get a few jams in here and there though.

Alicia:How did you pick your derby name?
KomaKat:I don’t have a special story, lol, I had several other great ideas I wanted to go with but ended up with KOMAKAT.
I just landed into it.


Alicia:Do you have a favorite team to compete against?
KomaKat:I’ve had a great time playing all our competition- that’s the thing about derby, we are great sportswomen. You can hit a girl and knock her off track and enjoy a beer with her later that night. I would say my most memorable game thus far was playing the 709’s in Nfld. Great hosts, great experience, great people!

Alicia:Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans?
KomaKat:We have wonderful and dedicated fans! 2014 is going to be a big year for FCR. I’m excited to see everyone out in the stands and in our suicide seating. We have the best fans in the city!! The line up of talent coming out is impressive and it should prove to be a successful year! Can’t wait to start!!


Alicia:Why should those who have never seen a bout come out to watch the Pirates play?
KomaKat:If you haven’t watched a game, this is the year to start!! 2014 is a big year for FCR. The Portside pirates are a mix of Scarlett swarm and Razor girls alumni with an amazing group of new recruits. The games will be faster and action packed. New rule system has streamlined the game and it all happens right here in Saint John! You can always catch a game on the road with us too! We will be travelling all over the maritime’s this season.

Thank you for taking the time to allow me to take some photos of you and for us to learn a bit more about player # 420 of the Portside Pirates.

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