Featuring Fancy Nancy from the Saint John Roller Derby League

I love watching and photographing all of the Roller Derby Girls in Saint John during their games. I also know a few of a the girls on a more personal level. I want to do a few interviews and photo sessions with our local Roller Derby players to let everyone else know just how awesome these gals are.

Today I am going to start of with a friend of mine, Cait. Cait Milbery has shown up on my page a few times recently as a model storyboard066

but what most of you may not know is that Cait is also known as Fancy Nancy for the Saint John Fog City Rollers league on the home team called The Portside Pirates.  I have had the privilege to photograph Cait/Fancy Nancy both on and off the track.

Alicia: Cait can you tell me a little bit more about yourself? What do you like to do with your time off the track?

Cait: I currently work for Xerox as an Asset Coordinator. I adore my dog Herb and love seeing concerts and traveling.  Adventuring with my man and dog is probably my favorite thing ever 🙂
Deer Island and my late grandfather mean a lot to me.  I grew up very close to my gramp, he taught me so much, always was real, and honest and sincere.  I miss him, but I do things, and make memories and know he would be proud. He never saw this derby Cait before but he would have loved it and been so supportive.

Cait & Gramp

Alicia: Before roller derby, what previous skating experiences did you have?

Fancy Nancy: Before Joining Roller Derby, I had zero skating experience.

Alicia: How long have you been into Roller Derby?

Fancy Nancy: I joined in 2010 when the league was formed. So now its been 4 years this April 🙂

Alicia: How did you choose your Derby Name?

Fancy Nancy: I chose my name with my best friend who also plays, ” Skate Monkey Skate” we were just being silly and changed some words in one of our favorite songs and was like yup there’s you name:)

Fancy Nancy

Alicia: What teams have you played for? What is the current team you are on?

Fancy Nancy: I have played for home team Scarlet Swarm since 2010 until this years re structure. and I played for the travel team the Shipyard Sirens 2011-till early 2013. I currently am skating for a new home Team the Portside Pirates:)which you will see this season 🙂

Alicia: What is your favorite thing about playing Derby?

Fancy Nancy: My favorite thing about playing is the ” Ness ” it has given me. The friendships and just overall confidence has changed my life completely. Coaching, will probably be my favorite thing though. It allows me to connect with people, infect them with the awesome ness of roller derby and help give them the same things it has given me:)


Alicia: Do you have any positions you prefer to play on the track?

Fancy Nancy:  I’ve always liked Jamming and getting the points, but being able to block great jammers is also just as vital. Blocking your opponent, and them not scoring is just as much fun as when your out there racking up points. Jam then block. Pivoting is something I try every game, to lead my name that jam, and instruct the strategy.


Alicia: If you could say one thing to the fine folks of Saint John about Roller Derby and the upcoming season what would it be?

Fancy Nancy: Expect a very exciting and competitive season with new teams and new visiting teams. The regular season starts once the ice is gone around May/ June.


Thank you so much to Cait for taking the time to allow me to photograph you and learn a bit more about Fancy Nancy, player 421 of the Portside Pirates.
If you play for the Fog City Rollers and would like to be featured in a post like this please contact me at arfoto@live.ca

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