A Prom Inspired Fashion Shoot

Every once in a while I like to do a shoot that is simply for the pure enjoyment of shooting. This shoot was no exception. 13 models in beautiful Mori-Lee prom gowns provided by Heavenly Gowns, wonderful jewellery provided by Stella & Dot consultants Melissa McKeonandJenniferBachynsky all shot in one of Saint John’s prettiest Martini Bars – The Canterbury Lounge.The original inspiration that made me want to pull this shoot together was the Vanity Fair Hollywood covers that were done byAnnieLebowitz. I loved the idea of having several girls in gorgeous gowns posed together in a great location.Here is my best take on such a large group shot.

ARFoto173ARFoto174 ARFoto175ARFoto177ARFoto176 ARFoto178ARFoto172

Thank you to Sarah, Tovah, Madison, Brittany S, Em, Sepidah, Karlee, Brittany C, Erin, Taylor, Brittany L & Jessica for being such wonderful models.

Thank you Sheri from Heavenly Gowns for the use of these amazing dresses.
Thank you to Melissa & Jen from Stella & Dot for the outstanding jewellery.
Thank you to Andrew from the Canterbury Lounge for allowing us to rent the location for this shoot on a Sunday afternoon.

Thank you to my ever faithful assistant Mary for taking care of all the little things so I could concentrate on shooting and to the moms who stayed and assisted with the shoot.

Lastly Thank you to my mom for watching Odin for me so I could do this shoot.

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