2012 A year in Review

2012 was an amazing and very busy year for me. I had some great things happen and learned a few lessons as well. This past year I had the opportunity to shoot 28 Modeling sessions, 20 Family sessions, 11 Engagement sessions, 10 weddings, 8 events, 3 Annversaries, 2 Advertising shoots for local businesses and 1 infant session. I also had my 1st big solo show at the Saint John Arts Centre entitled “A Zombie Wedding”.

On a personal note this past year I celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband Ken and finally graduated from University with my Bachelors Degree in General Studies (Arts & Sciences).

In addition to all this goodness I had one unfortunate loss when my laptop was stolen in September which set me back a couple of months on my processing. From that loss I learned a very important lesson about backing up my files in mutliple locations. Thankfully, I had all of my RAW wedding files backed up but I still lost a great deal of processing work as well as many important documents and personal photos of my family. I have since gotten 2 external hard-drives and will now be backing up not only my RAW files but my in progress processing files as well.

Thank you to all my friends, family and clients for supporting me throughout 2012. Overall it was an amazing year for me and I hope that this year will be even better.

Here are some of my favorite shots from 2012.

ARFoto163 ARFoto161 ARFoto158 ARFoto154 ARFoto152 ARFoto151 ARFoto146 ARFoto140 ARFoto138 ARFoto137 ARFoto134 ARFoto133 ARFoto132 ARFoto130 ARFoto124 ARFoto126 ARFoto110 ARFoto120

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