Model Monthly October – Leanne

Leanne started modelling when she was 14. She did a brief stint in New York in 96 after high school.  She left New York to return to NB- and then to Calgary for 7 years.
Though she thought that she had put her modelling days behind her . She is a working mom and thought that she was now too large to be involved in any modeling. However she as approached by the fabulous Normand Hector who asked her to be one of his runway models. She was more than thrilled at the idea of getting back into modelling. After struggleing with lower self esteem caused by her weight gain (now a size 14 after previously being a size 4-6 in her previous modeling days.) She didn”t know what to expect getting back on the catwalk….but, she quickly found her groove.  She says that she loves representing the Plus size in the fashions of Saint John. This is her first professional photoshoot since she was 17 (60 lbs ago). Leanne is a perfect example that women of all sizes can be beautiful and elegant.

Here are few shots from our shoot.

ARFoto157 ARFoto158
What do you like most about modeling?

What I like most about modelling is: playing dress-up with the greatest fashions in town.

Do you prefer photo or runway modeling?
I prefer runway to photo (the older I get).

What are your aspirations for the future?
Aspirations for the future- I own my own business. I help business owners save money, increase their revenue by 20-30 percent, and assist with marketing plans. Small business has always been a passion of mine, I’d like to see my business grow larger, and have opportunities in other cities.

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