2nd NWH Modeling Creative Photoshoot Winner – Theatrical Fantasy

A couple of months ago I held a contest with my NWH Modeling students. The students were asked to submit a creative photo idea along with a location idea. The top ideas were granted an hour and a half photo shoot using their idea.

Lily, 18 years old, submitted an idea to do a fantasy shoot that was theatrically inspired. As soon as I read her description it screamed Phantom of the Opera to me. My own creative thoughts started swirling around in my head and not only did Lily win her photo shoot but I also arranged for the Majesty institute (a local hair and esthetics school) to do her hair and make-up and I once again designed a custom gown for her to wear. This shoot actually required two outfits. The first look, or the beauty look as I called it, Lily worn a dress that was completely custom-made for her.


Red satin with lace overlay on the top, White satin mermaid bottom with blue tulle hidden under the skirt.


The second look was more subdued, I had a black bridesmaid dress in my collection of gowns so I took it and added a little punch of asymetry with a white sparkle inset into the front side of the gown.

Lily, who you may remember as the white swan in the 1st contest winners photoshoot, played both roles in her own shoot. Once again we were playing with dark and light, good vs evil and I think she pulled it off remarkably. The theatre background was provided by Saint John High School and with its rich black and red interior and baby grand piano it was the perfect location for this set.

7©Alicia Robichaud Photography










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