1st NWH Modeling Creative Photoshoot Winner – Black Swan

Last month I held a contest with my NWH Modeling students. The students were asked to submit a creative photo idea along with a location idea. The top ideas were granted an hour and a half photo shoot using their idea.

Emily, 13 years old, submitted an idea do a shoot that was inspired by the movie Black Swan staring Natalie Portman. The location she chose was the Gothic Arches in uptown Saint John.  While I loved her idea, I felt that it would benefit from having a second model acting as the white swan to give it the dark versus light balance. I asked Lily, another NWH student, if she would like to be the white swan. When she agreed I made her a white swan inspired dress and feather fasinator with a birdcage veil to complete the look. Emily provided her own costume and I helped her complete the look by doing her make-up and providing her a crown.

There were significant challenges with shooting at our location, especially after dark, as there was almost no light in the balcony section where we wanted to do a lot of the black swan images. We still were able to get some fantastic images and everyone involved had a great time.

©Alicia Robichaud Photography












Thanks go out to:

Emily for doing a great job and for coming up with such a creative idea.

Lily for doing a great job posing as the white swan.

Jackie for your assistance through-out the shoot and helping Emily and I to pull this together.

Phillip Huggard for the use of The Gothic Arches as our location.

5 thoughts on “1st NWH Modeling Creative Photoshoot Winner – Black Swan

  1. Alicia! One word……Spectacular!! With camera in hand, you become one!! Emily thoroughly enjoyed this shoot! You make your Models feel so comfortable. Your shoots are always relaxed and professional all at the same time!! We had a blast doing this shoot and we can’t wait for the next one!! A huge Thank You to all involved!! 🙂

  2. I can see why Black Swan Photo was the winner of the photo shoot..you captured the image of the Black Swan exact..professional is the word for this pic..should be a cover pic on model magazine..well done..

  3. Alicia- My hats off to you once again and for goodness sake is there any end to your many talents? You made the white swan dress- it’s perfect! Your pics made me feel the good vs evil depicted throughout this movie- once again-You are very good at what you do and your passion for your craft is so obvious!

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