Ophelia from Hamlet. I have wanted to do this image for almost 20 years. I finally felt I had the skills to pull it off.  Thank you to Em Côté for being my model and enduring that cold pool. Thank you to @brookeshaden for being an such an inspiration and for sharing your knowledge through your courses and blog. This is my 1st true fine art composite image. Let me know what you think in the comments below #shakespeare #ophelia #brookeshadeninspired #model #fineartphotography #compositeimage #hamlet #art

LacyLola as Merida

Beautiful Sunsets by the Sea

There are few times I find more magical than Sunset and Sunrise. Here are a couple of photos I took of the sunset that we had last night here in Red Head, Saint John NB.



LacyLola as Princess Mononoke

San, otherwise known as Princess Mononoke or the “Wolf Girl,” is the titular character in Studio Ghibli’s movie, Princess Mononoke. She acts, behaves, and resembles a wolf due to the fact that she was raised from infancy by wolves themselves.

The costume was made from faux fur, cut and sewn into a cape with hood. The iconic mask was crafted from papier mache, clay and wire. The accesories were also hand made from clay and epoxy.


Free Wings Cosplay As JD From Heathers

Another Great cosplay by Free Wings Cosplay. This time as Jason Dean from Heathers.

Better known as JD, is a senior at Westerburg High with some less that ideal views on society after he witnessed his mother’s death. With the belief that he and his girlfriend Veronica can “start and finish wars”, he plans to show everyone what society can do to people. One way or another._MG_0103_MG_0106_MG_0109_MG_0118_MG_0124_MG_0127_MG_0130_MG_0132_MG_0139

Free Wings Cosplay as Yamaguchi Tadashi from Haikyuu

Here are a few photos from a shoot I did last summer with Free Wings Cosplay. The character here is Yamaguchi Takashi who is an aspiring volleyball player at Karasuno High School. While he isn’t exactly skilled at the game, he is determined to help bring his team to victory


Aurora Ingadottir – The Wanderer by BreeBree Cosplay

I had the opportunity once again to work with the amazing BreeBree Cosplay this time in her Viking Original Character Cosplay. These were shot at one of my favourite locations, Mispec Beach.
Thank you to Chloe’s owners for allowing us to take one photo with your beautiful dog.

Aurora Ingadottir – The Wanderer

Parentless thanks to the great war,
She and her 3 sisters now travel the lands hunting the men who slayed their families. Excellent with an axe and a whisperer of wolves, she hopes to reach Valhalla arm in arm with her sisters, drenched in the blood of their enemies.

I always love collaborating with cosplayers in the Saint John area. If you have a kickass cosplay you would like photos of please don’t hesitate to contact me.  All photo sessions for cosplayers are free of charge providing they are within Saint John City Limits.

It’s A Kind Of Magic

Early this spring, before my crazy wedding season began, I decided to begin a wonderful fantasy themed series involving Faeries, Unicorns, Mermaids and Dragons. This is the first shoot of that series and involves a wonderful young model named Peyton.  I designed and made her costume and did her hair and make-up myself. We shot this series of images in Saint John on a beautiful wooded trail in Mispec Park. Peyton was a delightful fairy and played the part perfectly. As Peyton frolicked through the moss covered forest among giant paper mache mushrooms that my son and I made in my living room, you could feel the magic in the air. 
Magical ForestFaerie in the Forest©Alicia Robichaud PhotographyWoodland Fairy©Alicia Robichaud Photography©Alicia Robichaud Photography©Alicia Robichaud Photography

                   Peyton was born to play this part with her adorable pointy ears.

Peyton was born to play this part with her adorable pointy ears.

©Alicia Robichaud Photography

My Favourite behind the scenes photo. My son Odin walking hand in hand with Peyton the Faerie.

Thank you Peyton for being such a perfect faerie.

Beautiful Nova Scotian South Shore

Apple Blossom

Last weekend I was on the southern shore of Nova Scotia to photograph the beautiful Luneburg wedding of Jennifer & Sam on Saturday. On Sunday I took my time getting home and drove around the scenic route from Lunenburg to Halifax and took in some of the unique coastal beauty that area is so famous for. Lucky for me all of the apple trees and some of the flowers in the area were in full bloom which added to the colour and beauty.

Bluenose II and Ships in Lunenburg Harbour

Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Early Sunday Morning on the Lunenburg Waterfront

Bluenose II and Wharf in Lunenburg NS

Crew on the Bluenose II

From Lunenburg I headed to a small fishing village called Blue Rocks. There I saw a sleepy little village (It was very early around 8am on a Sunday when I was there). Boats quietly tied in the safety of the harbour. I also met up with an adorable yellow finch who was fasinated by his reflection in an old mirror that hung from the side of a little fishing shack.

Blue Rocks, Lunenburg NSBlue Rocks Fishing Village, Lunenburg NSBlue Rocks Fishing Village, NSBlue Rocks Fishing Village Lunenburg Nova ScotiaYellow Finch admiring his reflection

After leaving Blue Rocks I headed to Mahone Bay where I was greeted by a very gentle old dog who appeared to be the owner of the wharf I stopped at. As soon as I was out of the car she came right over to me to check me out, (I assume to see if I had any treats for her) then wandered off as if to say that I had her permission to wander her wharf and take a few photos. Mahone Bay’s claim to fame is the three churches of different faiths that are built right next door to each other on the side of the harbour.

Old Dog on Wharf at Mahone BayMahone Bay, Nova Scotia

The Three Churches of Mahone Bay

Three Churches of Mahone Bay

After Mahone Bay I then wandered onto Peggy’s Cove where I stopped for a bit of lunch at the Peggy’s Cove Gift Shop and Restaurant. The food was great and the waitress was very friendly and sweet. I watched as the fishermen pulled their lobster traps in off the boat as the lobster season was wrapping up that day according to a tour guide I ran across while taking photos. There is something that intrigues me about fishing villages and the men and women who work on the sea. Maybe it is colours from the boats, ropes and other accoutrements, or perhaps it is how they are a symbol to me of a simpler time in our Maritime past when so many more families depended on the bounty of the sea to make their living. Whatever it is, these villages and everything within them bring me back time and again with my camera to capture the beauty I see there.

Peggy's Cove Nova ScotiaPeggy's Cove Fishing Village, Nova Scotia

Fishermen bringing in their traps, Peggy's Cove NS

End of the Lobster Season

After leaving Peggy’s Cove I hit the highway and headed home once more. It was a beautiful way to end a beautiful trip but my home and my family were waiting for me to return and I was looking forward to a nice warm hug from my husband and my son when I returned.

Bag Piper at the NS tourist information centre

Bag Piper at the tourist information centre, Amherst, NS

If you have never taken the time to travel to the southern shore of Nova Scotia I would highly recommend it. The air is fresh and the natural beauty is breathtaking.

East Coast Comic Expo

East Coast Comic Expo is a growing Comic Centric Convention that is held in Moncton NB annually usually on the long weekend in May. Again this year my husband Ken (buriedbybricks) Robichaud had a table with his amazing lego creations and I was there taking photos of some of the very talented cosplayers.

buriedbybricks lego display featuring various comic related MOCs

buriedbybricks lego display featuring various comic related MOCs

There were many special comic book guests such as Nick Bradshaw (artist for Wolverine and The X-Men), Ken Lashey (artist for Superman), Dave Ross (artist for Iron Man), J Torres (writer for Teen Titans Go!), Faith Erin Hicks (artist for The Adventures of Superhero Girl), Stuart Immonen (Artist for All-New Captain America) and last but not least Kathryn Immonen (writer for Operation S.I.N). All of whom were willing to do autographs, sketches and just chat for a few minutes with their fans.

A few of the featured comic book artists at the Where Monsters Dwell Podcast pannel

A few of the featured comic book artists at the Where Monsters Dwell Podcast pannel

In addition to these amazing artists and writers, the creator of Captain Canuck, Richard Comely was there with the launch of the new Captain Canuck series and a ton of Captain Canuck swag for fans. My son was particularly proud to have Mr. Comely, (“the creator of his hero” in his words) do a sketch on a blank cover of his summer special.

Captain Canuck Sketch Cover Richard Comely did for my son Odin

Captain Canuck Sketch Cover Richard Comely did for my son Odin

As always there was a number of fasinating and talented artist alley creators and artists selling their wares and art. Some of my favourites were Poopsmoothie, Brain Slug, and of course Karibu Illustrations a who we did feature on last week before ECCE. If you have a moment check out their websites.

While I didn’t take many photos inside of the artists and exhibitors (I was too busy just enjoying looking at their stuff ) I did have the opportunity to photograph many of the cosplayers outdoors around the convention center.  If you would like to see all of the images from ECCE please visit my ECCE Shoot Proof Gallery If I took your image and you would like to download a copy I am happy to offer it as a free download from this gallery. Simply click on your photo (or multiple photos) and select download. Should you wish to purchase prints you can do so there as well, otherwise your downloads are certainly printable at your favourite photolab with my kindest regards.

Here are a few a my favourites.

Death of Phoenix with Wolverine

Phoenix dies in Wolverine’s arms

Marvel Cosplayers

Lady Sif & Starlord

Lady Sif & StarLord

Spider Gwen, Fury Fox & Captain America

Spider Gwen, Fury Fox & Captain America

Rogue with Wolverine & Cyclops

Rogue with Wolverine & Cyclops

Nyobi, Deathstroke, Captain America

Nyobi, Deathstroke, Captain America

Squirel Girl, Bat Woman and The Queen of Hearts

Squirel Girl, Bat Woman and The Queen of Hearts

Destro & Baroness

Destro & Baroness

Robin & Supergirl

Robin & Supergirl

Poison Ivy & Spider Gwen

Poison Ivy & Spider Gwen

There were a lot more amazing cosplays that I captured this year. To see the entire gallery please visit my ECCE Shoot Proof Gallery.  Thank you again to all of the cosplayers who took time out of their day to allow me to photograph them.

We are really looking forward to attending and being a part of ECCE 2016 next year.

In addition to photographing cosplayers at events effective immediately Alicia Robichaud Photography will never charge Cosplayers for photo sessions. If you have an amazing costume that you would like photographed please contact us to book an appointment. No sitting fee and free high-res images available via download. Yes, you read that right FREE – there is no catch, no after fees (unless you want printed products or a DVD of the images which you are under no obligation to purchase). You spend a lot of time and money on your costumes and I love taking photos of awesome art and craftsmenship that goes into your costumes. Location of the shoots is limited to Saint John and surrounding areas.

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